1. Pre-order our upcoming album MUSE here:

    Illustration by Yvette Young

  2. Check out some of our perks for our album fundraiser! 

    Contribute here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/polyphia-first-studio-album/x/6598366

  3. The newly modified twins.

    Photo credit: Remi David

  4. Happy 19th Birthday to our best friend and bassist Clay! We wish you the best buddy. Everyone wish him a happy birthday! :) Photography by: Ray Duker Photography

  5. "Impassion" is here! REBLOG, REBLOG, REBLOG! :D

  6. Only a couple hours away! 


  7. Anonymous said: Hi, you guys! I just recently started listening to your music and your songs are amazing! I was wondering, where can I buy any merchandise you have, and also do you guys have any hoodies or jackets?

    We have hoodies coming! Our new EP will be available online on iTunes and Spotify after its release on April 21st! Great questions! c: 

  8. Lots of guitar solos on our new song “Impassion”. Who’s excited? :)

  9. New song “Impassion”, next Sunday night!

  10. Slapity slap.

  11. Reblog!

  12. Who is ready for some new music? :D 

  14. We are extremely excited to be a part of this year’s South By So What in Dallas on March 16th! Reblog! :)


  15. Anonymous said: is this a real account of this band or is it fake?

    This is real! I respond more than the other guys, but we’re all here. c: - Brandon